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EvalGender+ grant seed funding for knowledge generation connected to equity-focused and gender responsive (EFGR) evaluations awarded to GENSA members.

GENSA (a special interest group of Community of Evaluators South Asia), a volunteer-led and inclusive community, is happy to support our members for research and evaluation in the field of gender and equity. Two members of Gender and Equity Network South Asia (GENSA) – Dr. Shweta Anand & Ms. Bijita DevSharma won the grant.

The grant aimed to strengthen evaluation thinking and practice for issues regarding masculinities, male privilege, and entitlements, an underserved area for gender and equity evaluation in South Asia. It facilitated the promotion of country-led data gathering to produce contextual data, hearing voices from the ground, using podcasts and social media for dissemination, and strengthening the knowledge base of young evaluators in the region. The seed funding was proposed to be used for developing three podcasts, a tip sheet as well as an infographic-led e-module on masculinities and transformative evaluation in the context of South Asia targeted at young evaluators.


The deliverables in the form of e-module, tip-sheet, and podcasts can be archived on the GENSA website.

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